Welcome To Our Favorite Garlic Recipes!

Most or our recipes, with the exception of deserts, contain a clove or two of garlic as a basic seasoning. The recipes in this section contain more than what one might consider to be a background amount of garlic seasoning. The intent of these recipes is to taste the garlic. Earl loves garlic and this section of recipes will definitely grow in the near future.

Latest Garlic Recipe

Garlic Mushrooms

A plate of garlic mushrooms with thyme and parsley

This was the first recipe that we tried the black garlic that we had purchased. The added flavour of the black garlic made this dish go from very good to unbelievably good!

If you are a garlic fan then this recipe is for you. Loraine and I truly love the overall flavour. Garlic and mushrooms is a winning flavour combination. We generally serve the garlic mushrooms with a piece of roasted chicken breast. We use the chicken to soak up the juices from the mushrooms!

Creamy Garlic Chicken

Many years ago Loraine and I saw a television show about a group of chefs in san franscisco that had created the garlic club. From memory, I believe that they got together once a year at each other's restaurants to hold a club dinner meeting. Every dish served had to be garlic based. The meeting we saw had a garlic soup, garlic appetizer, garlic stuffed chicken (we don't remember the sides) and a garlic custard for desert.

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