Lamb Loin - Boneless

slices of a boneless lamb loin on a plate with steamed leeks, mint sauce and red bell pepper

2 Generous Servings

This recipe, if you can call it that because of the overall simplicity is one we have at least once every couple of months. Earl and I both like lamb, years ago we used to buy a side of lamb and have it butchered, but now that is just too much meat and there are a lot of lamb cuts which we don't use anymore.

A few years ago our butcher introduced us to a boneless lamb loin. Prior to that we were purchasing loin lamb chops. A boneless lamb loin is the meat of the loin lamb chops in a roll. It's so easy to cook and there is no fighting with the bones, trying to get all of the meat off!

I would like to point out that we have tried numerous boneless lamb loin recipes where you stuff the loin with different herbs and spices. In our opinion, because we like the taste of lamb, we really didn't appreciate the extra work that it took to stuff the loin.

The first picture of the boneless lamb loin includes our steamed leeks as a side dish.

For those who may be interested, we generally purchase Dorset lamb.


slices of a boneless lamb loin on a plate with mint sauce


  1. Heat oven to 425° F.
  2. Rub the boneless lamb loin with the salt and Italian spice blend all over.
  3. Place the boneless lamb loin on a rack in a shallow roasting pan fat side up.
  4. Place the roasting pan on a middle rack in the oven and roast for 30 minutes. Using a meat thermometer check the internal temperature of the lamb loin; 125° F for medium rare (our preference); 130° F for medium. If necessary place the lamb loin back in the oven until the desired temperature is reached.
  5. When the desired temperature is reached, remove from oven and allow the lamb loin to rest for at least 10 minutes (15 is better), before slicing.

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