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Balsamic Vinegar and Cheese

Balsamic vinegar and cheese appears to be an excellent duo, like Bonnie and Clyde or Simon & Garfunkel.

Loraine is the adventurous one who likes to experiment with the combination. We previously reported her first grouping of cherry balsamic vinegar with the Chateau de Bourgogne cream cheese.

We recently purchased some Gabriel Coulet Roquefort Castelviel cheese to add to a spinach salad that we were making. A few days later we were looking for something different to have for a brunch and Loraine suggested that we have some of the leftover Roquefort cheese spread on a Ciabatta Lunga bread with the addition of some chocolate infused balsamic vinegar from the Urban Vine.

Chocolate balsamic vinegar on roquefort cheese on a ciabatta lunga piece of bread

Just opening the balsamic vinegar bottle and inhaling that deep chocolate flavor made our mouths water.

The experiment proved to be a great success. Of course it's difficult to find fault with anything that has chocolate in it!

Now we have a new challenge, with the number of flavors of balsamic vinegar available what will be our next successful combination?

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