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Butter Bell

In our household Loraine likes to have room temperature butter available for waffles, bread, English muffins and toast. The problem is that butter left on the table or counter has a tendency to go bad in a few days at most.

A marble butter bell closed

To our surprise there is an item readily available on Amazon.ca that will solve the problem. It's called a "Butter Bell". There are numerous designs that will suit almost any decor. We purchased the Norpro White Marble Butter Bell.

An open marble butter bell

Butter bells are designed as a countertop or table storage container where you place your butter to keep it dry, fresh, and free from spoilage. It maintains your butter’s ready-to-spread texture for a month or so, without refrigeration.

Butter bells are not inexpensive but both Loraine and I believe that they are worth the expense.

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