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Dinner With The Kids - 9/23/17

It's always great when the kids come over for dinner. We get to experiment with all sorts of new dishes. However, in this case we used three classics that both Loraine and I truly enjoy, the kids didn't complain much either!



Lobster Tails in Butter Sauce

There is no doubt that this is by far our favorite lobster recipe. The butter sauce is totally decadent. We often serve this recipe to guests as an appetizer with a rustic Italian bread or a crusty French bread (you have to have something to soak up the butter sauce!). We also make it as a complete meal for us, served on a bed of egg noodles or steamed rice.


Filet Mignon with a Gratin of Mushroom on a bed of Potatoes Earl

The filet mignon with a gratin of mushrooms is a take-off of a Gordon Ramsay YouTube video. He does not provide the actual recipe, you watch the video and create the amounts and directions on how to make it from what you see. Our recipe is the result of numerous attempts to hone the quantities of the individual ingredients and the method of creating the dish.

The Potatoes Earl, well that's my creation, based on numerous recipes for Potatoes Anna and Cottage Potatoes.


Ultimate Desert - Chocolate, Carmel, Coffee, Whipped Cream

Individually the three main items that make up the Ultimate Desert are individual deserts or can be combined with other things to make different deserts. Hence, in the recipe section they are all listed independently. ** indicates at what point in the recipe you would continue on to make the Ultimate Desert.

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