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KitchenAid Model KFDD500ESS Range Review

Updated April/2020

Loraine and I are both retired and have downsized to a 1200 sq. ft. house (we really didn't want to spend our days cleaning a house full of rooms not being used).

With a smaller house came a smaller kitchen, which we renovated.

As our primary hobby is gourmet cooking we would have loved to have 2 electric, self cleaning, wall ovens and a gas cook top. However, we didn't have the kitchen space to accommodate that many appliances. What range to buy became a challenge. Then we discovered the dual fuel, twin oven range made by KitchenAid and it fulfilled our wish list. A gas cook top with 2 electric, self cleaning ovens. Although the upper oven is small, it handles 80% of our cooking requirements (which as a side benefit saves money in energy costs because we are not heating a large cavity, as is the case in a full size oven) and when we do have company we can use both the lower and upper oven for cooking or use one as a food/plate warmer. It really did satisfy all of our cooking requirements.

KitchenAid Model KFDD500ESS Range oven doors open

The electronic control panel is very easy to work and is common sense oriented. We didn't have to read the manual to get the control panel to function.

We haven't tried the EasyConvect feature yet.

The lower oven has a slide out rack that makes loading and unloading the oven quite convenient.

After using it for a month or so we have found few small negatives:

All that being said we would highly recommend this range. If you have any specific questions about the range please don't hesitate to send us an email.

Along with a new duel fuel range one has to have a new range hood: Whirlpool Model UXT5530AAS Range Hood Review

KitchenAid Model KFDD500ESS Range burners
KitchenAid Model KFDD500ESS Range front view

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