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Megachef Premium Oyster Sauce Review

What do we know about oyster sauce?

Over the years we have tried a number of brands of oyster sauce. Our choices have been limited to what's available at our local supermarkets and to be honest we never really paid much attention to the different brands and usually purchased the oyster sauce of a brand name that we recognized.

A couple of months ago I read an article that highlighted a specific oyster sauce; Megachef Premium Oyster Sauce. I made contact with the local Canadian distributor, D J Distributing, (the customer service (Rainy) from the distributor was exceptional) who in turn contacted a local Asian grocery store, Dinh Dinh Asian Foods, who, without any commitment from me purchased a case! I went to the Dinh Dinh Asian Foods and purchased a bottle of the Megachef Premium Oyster Sauce, along with a few other items.

We must say that we were very surprised at the taste of the Megachef oyster sauce, the flavour was truly far superior to any of the other oyster sauces we had ever used.

A bottle of Magachef Premium Oyster Sauce.

We highly recommend that you give it a try!

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