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Shopping 9/30/17 & Brunch 10/1/17

Saturday is when we do most of our grocery shopping, making the rounds to all our specialty stores.

We dropped by our favorite cheese store, Global Cheese Shoppe, and were introduced to a new, what I would consider to be a triple cream cheese; Chateau de Bourgogne from a small artisan producer in Burgundy, France. The closest comparison would be that of a Brillat Savarin. The cheese is made from pasteurized cow's milk. We couldn't leave without taking a wedge home for Sunday brunch.

We also went to our balsamic vinegar and olive oil shop, The Urban Vine. The Chateau de Bourgogne cream cheese, that we had purchased for our upcoming Sunday brunch, was still fresh in our minds, so we decided that we should indulge with a small bottle of cherry balsamic vinegar.

I had read or heard a long time ago about adding flavored balsamic vinegar to baked brie. This wasn't brie and it wasn't going to be baked, but the combination of cherry balsamic vinegar with the Chateau de Bourgogne cream cheese sounded like it had possibilities.

Sunday morning I picked up a fresh (it was still warm) Ace Bakery Ciabatta Lunga. It is similar to a baguette, but it is somewhat lighter and the crust is much thinner.

Tear off a small chunk of bread, drizzle some cherry balsamic vinegar on the bread, spread some Chateau de Bourgogne cream cheese on top, open wide and savor the aroma and the flavor! Both Loraine and I think it was a very good combination and undoubtedly will have it again.

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